Your Child is Eligible: What’s Next?

Once CompassWisconsin: Threshold has determined your child’s eligibility for one or all of the programs you’ve applied for, you’ll receive a letter and related information that tells you:

  1. Which program your child is eligible for.
    • The local agency that administers the children’s long-term support (CLTS) programs your child is eligible for (these include the Children’s Long-Term Support Medicaid Waiver and the Children’s COP program).
    • If your county does not have a waiting list, your CLTS agency will be in touch with you to schedule a time for an assessment and the development of a service plan to meet your child’s assessed needs. This will be your opportunity to work with your service coordinator to identify your child’s needs and the needs your family has to care for your child. This assessment will help you and your service coordinator develop your child’s service plan, which will identify and plan for the services that will help address your assessed needs. Contact information for your local CLTS agency is also listed in the eligibility packet you receive.
  2. Your child’s “effective date”, if he or she has applied for the Children’s Long-Term Support Medicaid Waiver and/or the Children’s COP program.
    • If you live in a county with a waiting list for CLTS programs, the effective date will determine your child’s placement on the waiting list. When your child reaches the top of the waiting list, your county CLTS agency will contact you to schedule an assessment and develop a plan for services.
    • CWT will send you contact information for your county department of human services. Some counties will proactively reach out to families with children found newly eligible to discuss current needs and your child’s status on the waiting list. If you do not hear from your county CLTS agency, use the name and contact information provided in your eligibility determination mailing to contact your local agency.
  3. Katie Beckett Medicaid eligibility-this letter may be a second letter and follow the eligibility letter you receive for CLTS-MA Waiver and/or the Children’s COP program. If your child is eligible, you will also receive a Forward card and be able to use it for qualifying medical care back to your child’s eligibility date.

If you do not understand any aspect of the eligibility letter and related information, please contact 608-266-3236 to speak to one of the Department of Health Services staff working on CWT eligibility. They will be able to connect you to the appropriate staff to answer your questions.