How to Apply

Parent(s) residing in a Threshold region, should contact the Threshold consultant agency serving families in the county where the family resides. Please see the contact information below and review what to expect during the intake call and home visit with the CWT consultant:


Threshold Agency

Counties Served

Threshold Consultants

Phone Number

CAP Services, Inc. Ozaukee and Washington Laurie Grable
Lori Seeke
Penfield Children’s Center Waukesha Natasha Griffin
Terry Wojciechowski
Jenny Marchese
Developmental Disabilities Information Services (DDIS) Kenosha, Racine, and Walworth Cindy DeVito
Beth Mattson
Parenting Place Adams, Jackson, LaCrosse, Marquette, and Monroe Tim Waller 608-397-8850
 UCP of Greater Dane County Columbia, Dane, Green, Jefferson, Lafayette and Rock Cynthia Cardona
Sarah Bennett
Alice Thorson

Intake Calls:
Most intake calls take about 15 to 20 minutes. CWT consultants will discuss what programs CWT does eligibility for, discuss whether or not the programs you are interested in have a waiting list, answer any questions you may have about those programs and ask you some additional questions to obtain more information about your child, including:
• The status of your child’s citizenship and Wisconsin residency.
• Whether your child has any income and what those sources of income are.
• Your child’s diagnoses and his or her skills in many areas, including self-care, mobility, communication, learning and social skills.
• Any concerns you may have about your child’s behaviors.
• Any significant medical issues your child may have.
• Services your child currently receives or needs.
If you choose to apply, the CWT consultant will schedule a home visit with you during the intake call–the consultant will typically schedule that visit within 2 weeks within two weeks of the date of the intake call– and explain the rest of the application process. The CWT consultant will send you an application packet. Please complete the application as best you can and collect all records (such as your child’s birth certificate, Social Security card, Birth to 3 records, medical records, diagnoses, etc.) that you are asked to collect. Your thorough preparation for the home visit will ensure that your child’s application can be completed in an efficient and timely manner.

Home Visits:
The home visit is a requirement for all families with a child applying for programs through CWT. Most home visits take between 1 to 2 hours. The steps below help families know what to expect in a home visit:
• Visits are completed in your home with at least one parent (or the child’s legal guardian) and your child. Interpreters are provided for families who need one.
• CWT consultants must meet your child during the home visit, but they will interact with your child within your child’s comfort level. Some children are much more comfortable than others when interacting with someone new. Consultants respect each child’s preferences.
• CWT consultants must view your child’s birth certificate/passport or other proof of US citizenship or permanent resident status. They must also view your child’s Social Security card.
• CWT consultants will review all application materials with you and ask any additional questions they need in order to gather a complete picture of your child’s skills and support needs. If there are parts of the application you need assistance with completing, they will help you.
• CWT consultants will gather the copies of the additional records they asked you to gather for them during the intake call. These include copies of your child’s current Birth to Three records, school records (such as IEPs), diagnostic evaluations, or other relevant medical records related to your child’s care, therapy evaluations, and treatment plans. Whenever possible, please have copies of these documents available for the consultant to take with them to include with your child’s application.
• CWT consultants will discuss with you the rest of the steps in the eligibility process, including the timelines for determinations for the different programs. They will provide you some information about the programs for which your child applied and provide you with contact information for the county staff responsible for CLTS Waiver and COP if your child is applying for those programs.
• CWT consultants will answer your questions on other resources you may need, and provide information on how to learn more about these other resources.
• CWT advises all families to copy the application and other materials provided to the CWT consultant and retain a copy of that record.
Once all the application materials are complete, including required documentation, the consultant submits your child’s application to the Bureau of Children’s Services  (BCS). BCS reviews all program eligibility criteria and sends your family a letter that specifies whether or not your child is eligible.

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